“The first draft of anything is shit.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Revolutionary writing software WRITE ONWARD! provides a unique and effective way for creative writers and novelists to stop procrastinating and to push out a first draft as effectively as possible, without overemphasizing editing and formatting.

WRITE ONWARD! utilizes a beautiful minimalist and distraction-free writing environment that helps the creative writer in you to get your thoughts out there now.

Okay, so, what else is new?

Quite frankly, the big news is actually old news. WRITE ONWARD! reintroduces a writing technique that has been used by authors since the beginning of written history but has been largely forgotten in three decades of digital technology. It is the most essential and simple writing technique that legions of authors have used to write their most famous masterpieces.

Got you. Tell me more.

WRITE ONWARD! really only does one thing, but it does it extremely well, and it is a thing that no other writing software on the market provides: It is a writing software that is essentially all about “never looking back”.

With WRITE ONWARD! both the Backspace and Delete keys are disabled, and while you are writing you cannot select, copy, paste or edit anything you have already written.

WRITE ONWARD! makes use of the “what happens on paper stays on paper” technique, that the most famous writers in the world have built their careers on–whether they chiseled their stories in stone, scratched their poetry on papyrus, carved their lines on parchment, scribbled with their feathers into their notebooks, or typed away on their typewriters. And now for the first time ever, WRITE ONWARD! brings the same writing feeling to your computer.

You will relearn how to let the words flow freely from your mind onto the screen, without spending valuable time “getting that sentence right,” when you could have already finished a chapter. WRITE ONWARD! will help you to fine-tune your thinking before and while you are writing, and the distractions of formatting and editing will be pushed where they should be–to the first and second rewrites. Once you have gotten your thoughts out, the saved .txt files can be opened and revised in your favorite text editing software.

Fantastic. Where can I start?

WRITE ONWARD! is available for Windows computers, and soon for Apple.  Features include a bare bones full screen mode (keyboard shortcut F11) and minimalist keyboard sounds (keyboard shortcut F10).

Write Onward! file menuWrite Onward! window modeWrite Onward! fullscreen mode





Just download and install the free WRITE ONWARD! trial version to see if the “what happens on paper, stays on paper” technique works for you. Saving is disabled in the trial version.

Write Onward!

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